The most important factor for success in care-based industries like retirement and funeral businesses is trust.

When clients are at their most vulnerable they need to trust that your business has their best interests at heart.

Developing trust-skills is something every care-business must continually work on.

Dr. Jim works with organizations to deliver internal workshops, training programs and consulting services that build a high trust culture that is as important to clients as it is to employees.

Each program is customized to your specific organizational needs and designed to boost growth through trust.

Studies show improved people care skills can have an instant effect on relationships and attitudes.

Jim’s workshops for managers and staff develop the people care skills that lead to more referrals from client-families and friends.

These skills are the no-cost, low tech edge your organization needs to generate more referral based business.

Workshops are available from 1 hour power sessions to half day training.

Here’s how it works:

Jim’s consulting starts with a high level executive discussion to find out how you organization is currently working, and develop a program that includes practical workshops and one-on-one coaching to make it work better.

Workshops are delivered onsite, while one-on-one and small group coaching can be delivered online.

These programs may qualify for Continuing Education Credits in your Province or State.


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