Audience: Managers, directors and executives from retirement and funeral facilities

Format: 1-3 hour workshop

The problem with traditional customer service is that it doesn’t get to the core of the problem.

Your business is not about customer service it’s about customer caring. 

This program helps leadership teams reevaluate the management and business philosophy around the work they do for clients.

Call it customer service, customer satisfaction or customer experience. It is all about how you care for you clients that drives future growth through referrals. 

Your customers are people and this is why your organization needs to embrace and promote people care skills.

When you foster a culture that promotes people care skills your organization will be able to more effectively respond to customer/client needs, interests and wants.

In this workshop participants will discover:

  • The importance of developing a People Care Skills culture
  • How to use People Care Skills as the foundation for growth through referrals
  • Employ People Care Skills to manage staff more effectively

Expected outcomes:

  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Develop staff  training using People Care Skills
  • Attract more referrals by delivering what clients want and need from your facility