Dealing Better with Difficult People

Audience: Managers and Staff at retirement and funeral homes

Format: 1-3 hour program

People in difficult situations often bring out the worst in us, and our organizations. However working better with difficult people is a skill that can be learned. 

People do not always act reasonably or rationally, especially in situations that are high stress or emotionally challenging. In care-based industries this can include difficult customers, employees or co-workers.

These situations can strain even the most skilled people person. Using Dr. Jim’s people care skills approach attendees learn to  manage even the most challenging people better.

In this program participants will discover different types of difficult behavior and how to:

  • Respond positively & not react negatively towards others
  • Stand up for themselves without overstepping professional boundaries
  • Use empathy to see the humanity of difficult clients and co-workers

Expected outcomes:

  • Waste less time & energy dealing with problem people
  • Have less personal stress in these relationships
  • Develop greater appreciation for colleagues, co-workers & customers
  • Increase your team’s contribution to building customer loyalty