Enthusiastic Employees

The buzz currently in organizational circles is about engaged employees or employee engagement.
The truth is that engaged employees are enthusiastic ones. Nothing is more contagious (but so is the flu!) than enthusiasm, especially in the workplace.

The Enthusiastic Employee

Enthusiastic employees are not necessarily rah, rah types. They are interested and engaged in their work and with the people with whom they work. They have a strong passion. Passion is something that can’t be taught. It can be caught, but not taught. One way to spread the enthusiasm virus is to assign an enthusiastic employee to someone who needs to be. This attitude will positively affect both of them.
Are you disengaged?

Disengaged employees are incredibly costly to organizations. This happens when employees are at work but are not fully engaged in it and not as productive as they could be. It happens when people are ‘checked out’ at work. How much does this disengagement cost your organization?

To reduce the high cost of attrition, staff turnover and down time, use your people skills such as motivation, coaching and mentoring to engage your workforce to become more productive. Model your enthusiasm and engagement for your work to other employees. It will over time rub off.

Enjoy your Job

Work can be enjoyed and not just endured. The difference is whether you are fully engaged in it or not.
Here are some questions to consider:
• Does your superior pay attention to you?
• Do you pay attention to your staff and co-workers?
• Do you feel your work makes a valued contribution?
• Do you enjoy the people with whom you work?
• Are you able to use your strengths?

If you are a manager, supervisor or leader, do you demonstrate these habits and skills to your direct reports? If you do, not only can you enjoy your work, but you can thrive doing it and show your team how it can be done.

Hire for Passion
Passion can’t be taught, but the good news is that skills can. To ensure that your employees are fully engaged and are enthusiastic about their work and who they work with, hire for passion. Look for a positive attitude and for the capacity to learn. It is much cheaper and more effective to hire right first.