The Coach Approach

The Coach Approach is a way of communicating where the coach dialogues with and guides the client (staff member) toward their desired result. It is a collaborative relationship that is supportive and goal oriented. It is not a command and control style, but a commend and contribute one. Resulting in mutually agreed goals and actionable plans.

My passion is people and my purpose is helping them better Care for themselves so that they can better care for others.

For more than 30 years I have been speaking professionally. As an ordained minister and National Staff Executive, I have he helped develop church leaders across the country.

For my doctoral degree I studied the needs and expectations of the Baby Boom generation. This knowledge is the lens through which I  understand the generational changes that are affecting and will continue to disrupt the care industry over the coming decades.

I help care professionals learn how to enhance their people skills to better manage their responses to people in various situations. In short, I coach people how to be their best when the families they serve are at their worst.

Clients use their improved perspective and communication skills to elevate performance and employee engagement which increases productivity and results.

Improved customer satisfaction leads more referrals while increasing the reputation of your facility in the community.

My enthusiasm and insight works with virtual, small groups or large audiences. People say that my motivating, fun style is thought and laugh provoking, combining wisdom with wit.