A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor. It is usually someone more senior in position than you and someone who will listen to you and give you some quality advice.

The first thing I encourage first time managers or new salespeople to do is to get a mentor. Find a person you trust and respect and who will help you improve your odds of success.

I have had one or a series of them for more than 25 years in my professional life and they have proven to be invaluable to me. I have also served as a mentor to a junior colleague and to one who was new to the organization in which I worked.

Mentoring can help you feel connected in a special way to your mentee on your team. It will also help you develop your own skills, explaining how to move forward and how things work. It also builds your abilities at the same time.

A Mentor is …
• Supportive and constructive
• Available and prepared
• A good listener and sounding board
• Challenging (Mentee)

Mentoring has its benefits, according to the Center for Creative Leadership, not only for the one being mentored, but also for the manager who does the mentoring. Managers who provide career-related mentoring to their direct reports are actually rated as better performers in their job by their boss. It can be a win/win.

Management can be a lonely occupation. Why not pick the brains, run some new ideas by them, share successes and failures, seek advice from potential advisors and sounding boards, either in your own company or through professional associations.

Reverse Mentoring: Often, mentoring relationships go in one direction: from senior to junior. For the first time in many years, younger employees can switch it up, adding value (through Social Media or IT knowledge) back to their older colleagues. This is also a great way to boost morale and team spirit, especially with new and younger employees.

If mentoring is not your thing, consider joining a mastermind group.

Mastermind Groups
Groups of different people who contribute to each other’s development through brainstorming ideas, challenging, supporting, providing feedback and accountability by keeping you focused and on track.

Mastermind Groups
• Work on solutions/ideas with energy
• Gain experience, skills and confidence
• Overcome feeling isolated


Do you currently mentor?
Are you a member of a mastermind group or do you have a mentor?
If not, why not?