You may have a great website, and you could be all over social media. But you are not getting the results you want? Not everyone uses the internet. People want and need a personal touch and have a real conversation. This is where people care skills help. And this is what I talk about in my presentations.

They can be shared in a keynote or workshop format. I call them seminars. They range from 1 to 3 hours in length and are used as community sponsored outreach, staff training in retirement care or funeral facilities or as after meal talks or concurrent sessions at association meetings.

The way he likes to work with individual or groups of care based businesses is I make a presentation and then follow this up either with on site staff training or with one on one or group implementation coaching for the participants. This helps to lock in the learning and we discuss the issues that they choose to work on further.

Jim presents to small groups or large audiences at care facilities, community venues or at associations meetings be they: Annual Conventions, Mid Winter Conferences, Continuing Education events, Webinars, Leadership Retreats.

From his home base in Toronto, Canada he easily travels in North America. When he speaks he brings enthusiasm and insight to either small groups or large audiences. People say that his motivating, fun style is thought and laugh provoking, and that he combines wisdom with wit.

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Bereavement Support – Good Mourning: Growing Through Grief

Take Care: Self Care for Caregivers or Care Providers

Employee Engagement for Care Professionals

Emotional Intelligence for Care Professionals

Word of Mouth or Relationship Marketing

Sponsor an event in your Community & have Dr. Jim Speak!

Dr. Jim’s seminars Good Mourning – Growing through Grief and Take Care -Self Care for Caregivers are  ideal topics to reach out and support people in your community.

All you have to do is advertise this event in your community, invite people to attend either at your location or at a community facility, welcome them, provide light refreshments or lunch, thank them for coming and provide handouts from the seminar with your contact information.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You pick a date to hold the event

Step 2: I supply you with a “to do” list and handouts

Step 3: You send out information to your community

Step 4: I deliver the seminar and everyone benefits

Step 5: You follow up with those who attended

It is an easy way to market without marketing and help people in your community at the same time.


“I have known Dr. Jim for a better part of 30 years. Dr. Jim has dedicated his life serving others and I have professionally called upon him to assist in a families time of need officiating at funerals.  Dr. Jim’s effective and sensitive message along with his ability to communicate with families are the strengths he has developed over the years.”

“I first began working with Jim 25 years ago and have conducted many funerals with him.  He understands the business side of a funeral but, most importantly, he understands what a family needs and how to get them there.  Jim’s ability to combine sensitivity, industry knowledge and humour was both comforting and inspiring to those he served.  From a Director’s perspective it was always good to know that when I recommended Jim to a family I was going to hear positive feedback after the funeral.”