Take care – Self Care for Better Employee Engagement & Wellness

Why is self care important to your business?

Building deep connections with client families, clergy, and other care professionals is the key to growing your business. 

Employees who are in a better mental, spiritual and physical space are able to better focus on creating next-level relationships with these groups –  which leads to more repeat and referral business going forward.

Funeral businesses that prioritize self-care among staff can expect:

  • Better employee engagement 
  • Better client & family satisfaction 
  • Lower staff turnover & absenteeism
  • Lower insurance costs  & downtime 
  • More repeat & referral business

About the presentation

Attendee benefits :

  • Experience less stress & compassion fatigue
  • Find joy in their work
  • More peace of mind
  • More energy & focus

Employer benefits:

  • Reduced absenteeism & insurance claims
  • Less staff turnover
  • Higher service levels
  • More referrals from clients and other care professionals

In this interactive program participants will receive a handout to make notes and take home.

Main take away: Participants discover the self care skills necessary to restore and re-energize themselves and their teams to better serve client families in the community.