Audience: in-house professional caregiving staff and family caregivers.

Format: In-person or online

Sponsored Partnership Opportunity:

Apart from your own full or part time caregiving staff.

This program can also be used to promote your retirement residence to the general public online or in-person through your marketing budget.

If you care for someone, you are a caregiver. You could care for a parent, child, spouse, sibling, relative or friend. 

It is estimated that one in four people worldwide are caregivers.  In Canada it is more than 5 million people and in the United States caregivers number more than 50 million.

 It can be 24/7 demanding work.

It is emotionally and physically exhausting work. Compassion fatigue is real. And it can happen to even the most caring and empathetic soul. Without proper self-care caregivers get burned out.

Self-care is more than just caring for yourself. It’s about building the emotional reserves you need to effectively care for others. 

With better Self Care you get:

  • Less stress & compassion fatigue
  • More peace of mind
  • More energy & focus

Self-care is not selfish. It is a necessity. It is all about finding balance and perspective in the midst of the complexity of life, grief and caregiving.

In this program Dr. Jim will explore 4 aspects of self-care and share the secret ingredient for self-care. Participants will learn the skills needed to better care for themselves and others. 

Key Takeaways:

Caregivers will learn the importance of giving themselves permission to prioritize their own  health in order to continue providing exceptional care to others.

  • Caregivers will leave with an actual self-care plan along with implementable practices, useful tips and suggestions.

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I also speak on the topic of Self Care for Clergy which is a great idea for hosted clergy and faith leaders gatherings.