Elevating Employee Engagement

Audience: Retirement and Funeral care center managers and staff.

Research conducted by worldwide HR consulting firm Towers Perrin shows that 20% of the global workforce is fully engaged. This means 80% of workers are not working up to their full potential and helping their organizations succeed. This is known as the employee engagement gap. It is the difference between what people do and what they are capable of doing.

In care-based businesses this can lead to disengagement and poor service outcomes. By closing this gap you open the door to not only higher levels of service but also increase the referral opportunities that come from satisfied clients and their families.

Dr. Jim’s program focuses on employee engagement specific to the needs of care-based businesses such retirement and funeral facilities.

Main Take Away

This industry specific program will help employees:

  • Bring extra energy and enthusiasm to their work.
  • Discover or rediscover the skills to lead with greater passion, purpose and productivity.
  • Aspire to be more service and client focused in every interaction.