Better word-of-mouth relationship marketing – for more repeat & referral calls

Let’s face it. It’s more efficient and less expensive to have a satisfied group of existing clients out in the community as ambassadors for your services than it is to continually spend your marketing dollars trying to reach strangers.

This is what word of mouth and referral-based marketing is all about.

The #1 way to get referrals is to build trust and rapport with existing client families. The good news is that building rapport is a learnable skill. It’s not a gift that some people have and others don’t. It is a skill that any team can master.

Imagine the return on your investment if every client walked away from their experience with you as an unpaid salesperson for your services!

Instead of marketing at people, market to people using your people care skills.

Jim’s message is: rapport leads to referrals and revenue. If you are in a care based business you are in the personal relationship business and you need to develop rapport with people in order to drive growth.

This is the key to developing more repeat and referral calls. Just imagine what positive word of mouth will mean to your business?

Client-family and friends referrals lead to:

  • Higher conversions from inquiry calls
  • Better reputation in the community
  • Stronger brand recognition

Expected outcomes:

  • Turn satisfied customers into loyal brand ambassadors
  • Attract more referrals and word of mouth business by delivering higher service levels
  • Learn practical inreach & outreach relationship marketing strategies

Main take away: Discover the skills needed to create a superior image or a better name in your community and build a broader base for ongoing business