Teamwork Skills at Work

There is no i in Team – but there are two in teambuilding!

Life is a team sport. As human beings, we are interdependent, not independent. This means that we must work with and interact with people. We all play on teams, especially in the workplace.

Teamwork has been defined as coordinated efficiency. The point is that people can achieve much more by working together than they can as individuals working alone. It has also been said that teamwork makes the dream work. But, what do you do when this dream becomes a nightmare? When this happens you need to rely on your people skills more than ever.

The greatest challenge you face at work is working with other people. This is where your people skills are most needed. They are used to manage how you respond to people and situations and are the skills you use to be more productive and successful.

Collaborative or Competitive?

 The key to having great teams is building them great first. Using your people skills can make this a lot easier. Regardless of where you and your team are in the team building process, the skills of communication, relationship building, attitude, conflict management and humour are paramount.

To build successful teams, attention needs to be focused on team skills.

Team skills are people skills.

How are you and your team members communicating and getting along with each other?

Do they trust and respect each other?

Is there a spirit of cooperation between them?

Have you ever worked on a team with a group of individuals who were more concerned about protecting their own budgets, elevating their own profiles, and protecting their own staff and turf than they were about achieving the organization’s goals?

In order to have successful teams you need to first nurture successful skills and attitudes which will contribute to an elevated team spirit and develop a high morale work culture.

They are being:

  • Constructive – positive & helpful
  • Collaborative – synergetic & respectful
  • Cooperative – mutual & trusting
  • Communicative – open & transparent
  • Creative – resourceful & innovative

Teams are more than just a group of different people working together. They just don’t happen by accident. To be successful, they need to be intentionally built using your people skills.