Your Attitude is everything

The greatest asset you can bring to any situation or project is your positive attitude. One that is constructive and helpful. It affects not only you but also those you work with. Your attitude is the first thing you communicate, often without realizing that you are doing it. Being aware about this and being more intention about your attitude will help you communicate more constructively.

How you approach people, projects and problems greatly affects how you manage them. If you expect the worst, approaching it with a negative attitude, chances are the outcomes will be less than constructive and you won’t be satisfied with the result.

However, if you approach things from a positive perspective, your chances of success are much greater. Seek the best possible outcome, one that focuses on everyone’s best qualities and capacities, as well as the best potential outcome for the project. I once worked with a manager whose motto was: “Expect the best and be prepared for the worst.” He and his team operated with a positive outlook which affected both the working environment and the outcomes of their projects.

A perspective is the filter we choose to use when looking at situations or people. Our attitudes are shaped by our perspectives. We choose our attitudes. This is why two employees when faced with exactly the same work situation will choose to respond differently because they have chosen a different attitude towards it.

I once dealt with a manager who saw training for his staff as a cost to his project’s bottom line. After speaking with him about his department’s needs, I asked him to change his perspective and to look at this situation as an investment in his team’s future success and results. His attitude changed and this had a trickledown effect on his staff.

Do you see opposition or an opportunity?
Do you see a problem or a possibility?
Do you see a crisis or a chance to problem solve?

If your managerial default is to see challenges as problems, change your perspective and look at possibilities instead. It’s likely that you’ll discover a creative solution that hadn’t been obvious to you or your team.

The next time you’re faced with a management challenge. Look at it from more than one perspective. Change the filter you chose to see it through. Make it more positive. It will affect how you approach things and this will alter the outcome. Besides, being negative never works!